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Nonsense maths - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 10, 2013

This one has hit the blogs recently, but, since it's quite amusing - and perhaps a bit disturbing - it's worth a comment.Kimmo Eriksson has recently published a paper on 'The Nonsense Math Effect'. The study was conceptually very simple. It used two hundred participants, all of whom had postgraduate degrees, with the participants spanning the various fields … Read More

Verification and Validation - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Dec 10, 2012

I've worked on a lot of computer models of physics things for my various employers to date. Although I'd describe myself as primarily a physicist, I'm also a computer modeller - that's what holds together my work on mould growth in grain silos, dispers... Read More

How many significant figures? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Sep 07, 2012

The overstating of accuracy is something that physics teachers have to continually correct. Just because one's calculator gives an answer to ten significant figures doesn't mean one should quote it to ten significant figures.I've just looked up the loc... Read More