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Hansen: shelter from the storm - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Dec 28, 2010

James Hansen has long been a leading climate scientist and he is also an excellent communicator of the science to the public. What he had to say about the scientific picture in his recent interview with Bill McKibben, a different aspect of which I highlighted in yesterday’s post, is of interest for its clarity and [...] … Read More

Children of the future - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Dec 27, 2010

You are suggesting that we file suit against the government? That’s the question Bill McKibben puts to James Hansen in the course of a recent interview. “Precisely,” replies Hansen. “Begging Congress to be responsible does not work. Exhorting the president to be Churchillian does not work. “On the contrary, Congress has passed laws and the [...] … Read More

The Environmental Politics of Sacrifice - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Sep 06, 2010

Addressing climate change will require citizens of wealthy consumer societies to sacrifice. But that’s never going to happen. We’ve all heard statements like that, indeed we’ve probably muttered them to ourselves. Michael Maniates and John Meyer place the words at the beginning of their book The Environmental Politics of Sacrifice. They and their ten fellow-contributors [...] … Read More

Conference in Bolivia: who pays the price of change? - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Apr 21, 2010

“We are very worried because we have no water. Half the people of this community have already left. Those who remain are struggling with the lack of water.” Those are the words of a villager in a small Bolivian village called Khapi which is suffering from the effects of retreating glaciers in the Andes.  A [...] … Read More