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Is a vegetarian diet really more environmentally friendly than eating meat? - Guest Work

Guest Work Jan 30, 2017

By Wayne Martindale, Sheffield Hallam University Beef from Brazil, avocados from Mexico, lamb from New Zealand, wines from South Africa and green beans from Kenya – food shopping lists have a distinctly international flavour. And with many questioning the sustainability of importing so much food from so far away, we are beginning to ask if switching to a … Read More

About those meat and cancer stories - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Oct 28, 2015

Many media reports are reporting it incorrectly or confusingly. For example, in New Zealand’s TV3 News starts out1 World Health Organisation (WHO) experts have put processed meat in the same cancer-causing category as cigarettes … … it has ranked processed meat in the highest cancer risk category, alongside asbestos and even smoking. Sorry, but … Read More

Jamie Oliver Peddling Chemophobia - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Feb 12, 2012

Jamie Oliver has done some great work in promoting healthy eating, however his recent attack on the “pink slime” used in some meat products in the USA reeks of scientific illiteracy and self promotion. Prior to 1991, the various trimmings left over once a cow had been butchered were typically used to make dog food. However, an enterprising American company, … Read More