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NZ Fluoridation review – Response to Micklen - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Feb 18, 2015

I welcome open and transparent discussion here so am thankful to Dr Micklen for his response (see NZ Fluoridation review – HS Micklen responds to critique). Unfortunately he is the only author or “peer-reviewer” of Fluoride Free NZ’s report criticising the NZ Fluoridation review to accept my offer of a right of reply to my critiques. A pity, as … … Continue reading … Read More

NZ Fluoridation review – HS Micklen responds to critique - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Feb 17, 2015

I have posted several articles in a series critiquing contributions to the Fluoride Free NZ report “Scientific and Critical Analysis of the 2014 New Zealand Fluoridation Report“ which is aimed at discrediting the recent review Health Effects of Water Fluoridation: a Review of the Scientific Evidence produced by the Royal Society of NZ together with the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief … … Continue reading … Read More