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The eugenic effects of minimum wage laws - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Mar 24, 2015

I came across a bit of the history of the minimum wage that I didn't know today. A 2005 article by Thomas C. Leonard in the Journal of Economic Perspectives (Vol. 19 No. 4 Fall 2005) discusses Eugenics and Economics in the Progressive Era. Leonard opens the article by noting,American economics transformed itself during the Progressive Era. Read More

How effective is the minimum wage at supporting the poor? - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jan 08, 2015

This is an important question since one good reason for supporting having a minimum wage would be if it is an effective antipoverty policy measure. Such a belief would rely on two assumptions: first, raising the minimum wage will increase the incomes of poor families; and second, the minimum wage imposes little or no public or social costs.The policy debate … Read More