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Is it a shrimp? Is it a prawn? No – it’s Super Crayfish! - BioBlog

Alison Campbell Feb 12, 2018

Polyploidy – the duplication of chromosome sets – is relatively common in plants, and can result in the development of new species. (Many modern food crops are polyploids.) It’s much less common in animals, although found in some frogs and salamanders (amphibians) and leeches (annelids). So it was with a mix of excitement, surprise, and alarm that … Read More

Now starring in movies: human genes - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Apr 06, 2010

I do so love it when people make accessibly, entertaining, highly educational science stuff. A dividing cell. The image is a composite of several images showing the effects of different gene silencings. The images were grouped according to their effect: green for genes that affect the mitotic spindle, and red for the genes that affect the chromosomes … Read More