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How parenthood continues to cost women more than men - Guest Work

Guest Author May 29, 2018

Isabelle Sin, Victoria University of Wellington and Gail Pacheco, Auckland University of Technology New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is about to become a first-time parent next month, and her partner, Clarke Gayford, will set an example by becoming a stay-at-home dad. But Jacinda and Clarke’s plan is still the exception rather than the … Read More

Mind the gap - The Dismal Science

Donal Curtin May 09, 2018

We’ve been lucky, over the past year, to see two top-notch, data-heavy analyses of the gender pay gap appear in New Zealand. One, from March last year, is by AUT’s Gail Pacheco, ‘Empirical evidence of the gender pay gap in New Zealand’, and was done for the Ministry for Women. The other, also last year, was by … Read More

90 Days - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Jun 20, 2016

Motu’s had a look at the effects of the 90 day trial legislation. Under that legislation, employers could hire employees on a trial basis and dismiss them relatively easily within that 90 day window. Supporters of it expected it to encourage employment of riskier employees; opponents expected substantial churn: that employers would somehow figure it made sense to hire people … Read More