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Why are talks over an East Antarctic marine park still deadlocked? - Guest Work

Guest Author Nov 05, 2017

By Cassandra Brooks, University of Colorado. Last week, representatives from 24 countries plus the European Union met in Hobart to discuss plans for a vast marine protected area (MPA) off the coast of East Antarctica. The proposed area, spanning almost 1 million square km, is crucial for a vast array of marine life. Scientists, conservationists and governments … Read More

Snapper spillover: Marine reserves boost local population - News

John Kerr Oct 18, 2017

New Zealand’s first marine reserve doesn’t just protect snapper inside the reserve, it also acts as a snapper super-nursery, contributing ten times more fish than expected to the surrounding areas.  The findings come from a new study examining the genetic relationships between fish inside and outside the boundaries of the Goat Island Reserve – a Marine Protected Area (MPA) … Read More

The race for vast remote ‘marine protected areas’ may be a diversion - Guest Work

Guest Author Sep 06, 2016

Peter JS Jones, UCL and Elizabeth De Santo, Franklin & Marshall College The seas around Hawaii are set to become the world’s largest marine protected area, US president Barack Obama has announced. The Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument will be expanded to more than 1.5m square kilometres – that’s as big as France, Spain and Germany … Read More

Marine reserve overhaul – how to make the most of this opportunity - Guest Work

Guest Author Mar 10, 2016

By Associate Professor Mark Costello and Dr Daniel Hikuroa If you care about having fish to eat, recreational fishing, and enjoying a natural environment then you should be responding to the governments consultation document on a proposed Marine Protected Areas Act by 5pm tomorrow Friday 11th March 2016. Along with the recent decision to extend the Kermadec Islands … Read More