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Its great to be Number 1, but… - Politecol

- Wayne Linklater May 02, 2013

I’d reply, ‘Awesome!’, ‘Wonderful’, ‘Pretty damn good’, ‘Deserved’, but no one has asked. I understand why no one asks. Gloating is seldom encouraged. But that is how it feels to be Director of New Zealand’s highest ranked university centre for applied ecology … … in the leading Ecology, Behaviour & Evolution research group… … at the … Read More

NZAS Conference follow-up - Just So Science

Elf Eldridge May 12, 2012

So, one month on from the NZAS emerging scientist’s conference, what has come from a conference that aimed to discuss whether emerging scientists have a future in New Zealand? The answer, in this author’s opinion at least, has been a resounding ‘Maybe’. One publications that highlighted the themes debated at the conference is ‘Callaghan vision stumbles on realities’ … Read More

How to avoid a disappointing marriage - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Mar 16, 2012

Wellington is abuzz with news of the super ministry, which was unveiled yesterday and will have major implications for a large number of public servants. Some leaders in the science system have commented about the implications of the Ministry of Science and Innovation being bundled into the new Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Fellow Scibloogger, Professor Shaun … Read More

Give us something simple Steven, and also create an S&I council - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 13, 2012

As one who cut his business teeth in commercial radio, super-minister Steven Joyce will know better than most about the importance of appealing to peoples’ hearts and minds. Now, Mr Joyce may be formulating a super science and innovation plan … Continue reading → … Read More

The Vikings changed culture as well as institutions - Stick

Peter Kerr Feb 23, 2012

Help…. the Viking’s coming; at least Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann was at the Ministry of Science & Innovation. The Danish Technical Institute’s head of its Centre for Technology Partnership, and is out to give some of the good oil on how … Continue reading → … Read More

Minister Joyce has the opportunity to redefine ‘failure’ - Stick

Peter Kerr Feb 09, 2012

Apparently, new super minister Steven Joyce (Minister of Science & Innovation, Economic Development and Tertiary Education, Skills & Employment), likes to dive deep into details of a new role or portfolio, before surfacing with a strategic direction. So, as he … Continue reading → … Read More

Introducing Waterscape - Waiology

Waiology Jun 13, 2011

By Ross Woods Hydrology is the study of the presence and movement of water over and under the Earth’s surface. Like many sciences, hydrology is often partitioned into sub-disciplines: surface hydrology and groundwater hydrology. This separation shows up in hydrology courses at universities, in research programmes and organisations, and in the way resource management agencies manage water. It’s a natural … Read More