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The MMS zombie rises to shamble once more… - BioBlog

Alison Campbell Feb 20, 2018

I’ve written about MMS – the “Miracle Mineral Supplement” – several times beforeA (here and here, for example). I guess it’s a useful thing to hold up to show how something can clearly be woo – eg claims that it kills/cures practically everythingB under the sun – and yet people still buy the stuff. Buy it, and potentially … Read More

“Weekend Nanotech”: Snot-light? - Just So Science

Elf Eldridge Aug 22, 2011

Another entry in my “bizarre use of bodily fluids but that has a really cool result” category for nanoscience, is this paper published a couple of weeks ago in the Advanced Materials journal. The problem the researchers from Tel Aviv university were trying to solve is simple: we can make white LEDs now easily enough, but they’re complex to … Read More