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Narrative phototherapy in disaster? - Guest Work

Sarb Johal Apr 19, 2018

As my photography practice grows and evolves, I find myself thinking about how my training and practice as a psychologist and my interest in disaster mental health overlaps with my photography. I have been thinking about the role of photography as archival memory, but also as a process for recognising, documenting, representing, showing and healing. And as I’ve been thinking … Read More

Where’s Waynie? - Politecol

- Wayne Linklater Apr 24, 2013

My daughter, Zoerita Jacks, was born in early February. During my 10 weeks parental leave, I had plans to at least keep writing and posting on this and my other blog. Politics and ecology, of course, do not sleep either. But the impossibility of daily routines with newborns and preparations to move the family for eight months … Read More