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4 years on - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Mar 02, 2015

Here's me at The NBR on Christchurch, 4 years on from February 2011.The government rightly took a lot of criticism for its initial attempts to artificially restrict downtown land supply to force a compact city form and encourage higher-valued development. The planners here exhibited basic cargo-cult thinking: because successful cities have high downtown property prices, they thought they could … Read More

Defending the asylum wall - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Oct 01, 2014

I penned last week's NZ Initiative column in the NBR print edition. Do pick up a copy. Here's an excerpt.The overarching policy priority then, for me, is that New Zealand maintain and enhance its “Outside of the Asylum” status.Parts of the RMA are clearly daft and need to be reformed. The RMA’s role in contributing to housing unaffordability through its … Read More

When Hooton’s away, a Crampton will play - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Aug 27, 2014

I filled in for Matthew Hooton in the NBR's Opening Salvo this week. It's only in the print edition; here's a taste. [Update: here for subscribers]We can count the costs of apartment stories left unbuilt. In a well-functioning market, developers will build upwards until the cost of an additional storey roughly equals the extra revenue the developer gets from … Read More