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Personalised Supplements - Honest Universe

Mark Hanna May 08, 2018

Can an online quiz give good recommendations for taking supplements? Stuff today published an article about two New Zealand companies that launched recently, Vitally and Wondermins, which each use online quizzes to sell “personalised vitamins”. Unfortunately, Stuff chose to focus on the question “What’s the point?” rather than “What’s the evidence?”. I thought it would be an … Read More

Anti-fluoridationists go to Supreme Court – who is paying for this? - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Feb 22, 2017

The costly battle to prevent fluoridating the water supply of two small Taranaki towns has gone on for four years – and it looks like continuing. Last October the South Taranaki District Council won a costly four-year court battle for the right to fluoridate the water supplies of Patea and Waverley. New Health NZ, which took High Court action to … Read More

Did business interests interfere with Hamilton’s fluoride tribunal process? - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Feb 15, 2015

 Source: Abuse of democratic process in Hamilton Tribunal?. (Click to enlarge). Early results from a Waikato University research project show that around 2/3 of all the written submissions to the Hamilton City Council’s fluoride tribunal process were directly or indirectly provided by parties associated with the ‘natural health’ lobby. This is interesting as it raises the question of … … Continue reading … Read More

Hypocrisy - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Jan 27, 2015

Credit: The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe This cartoon reminded me of some of the local campaigners against fluoridation. They almost all are either strongly connected to the “natural” health movement and its businesses, or, because of their beliefs, are customers of that industry. Yet they often argue that genuine scientific and health experts are in … … Continue reading … Read More

The irony of some peer-review and citation complaints - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Jul 15, 2014

Anti-fluoridation propagandists and other promoters of pseudoscience have a sort of “love-hate” attitude towards science and the scientific literature. On the one hand they love to cite scientific papers they claim support their message. Very often the citation is completely … Continue reading → … Read More