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Traditional Chinese medicine: Eye of newt and toe of frog - Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives

Nic Rawlence Dec 09, 2017

‘Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble’ chant the three witches in the cavern, lightening flashing outside, in Act 4, Scene 1 of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. It’s images like these, conjured up by the great bard himself, that I associate with traditional Chinese medicines and herbal remedies. The implied promise that if I take this concoction, my health … Read More

Natural AND Deadly - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Jun 22, 2013

The marketing industry makes use of phrases such a “made only from natural ingredients” or “all-natural” to sell a range of products. In making such claims they rely on the myth that anything “natural” is good for us. Perhaps this myth arises from the misguided anthropocentric belief that the natural world was somehow designed to serve humanity (though how lions, … Read More

Is Modern Medicine Killing You? – Episode 2 - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Oct 10, 2012

In episode two our intrepid integrative medical practitioner, Dr Pitsilis is joined by colleague, Dr Glenn Twentyman in treating two patients who don’t feel they have received effective treatment from their previous medical practitioners. The first patient was a young woman who suffers from blackouts, up to 10 a day, something I’m sure most of us would consider to be quite … Read More

Most Natural Remedies Implausible & Unevidenced - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Jan 16, 2012

The Christchurch Press this morning contained a story describing research done by Professor Shaun Holt and his colleagues Sarah Jefferies and Andrew Gilbey examining the (lack of) effectiveness of various natural remedies. Most of us will be familiar with various advertisements for deer velvet, propolis, magnetic therapies and lemon detox diets that appear on tv from time to time, … Read More