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Sleepwalking, Sex, and Murder: Part Two - Guest Work

Jean Balchin Jan 09, 2018

Part One in this Sleepwalking Saga can be read here. The Sleep Centre Thinking I’d benefit from a hands-on experience of sleep studies, I contacted a sleep clinic. According to their website, the clinic staff perform a “wide range of home sleep tests for snoring, sleep apnoea, sleep/wake cycles, restless legs, and other sleep disorders.” … Read More

Netflix zones - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Jan 19, 2016

A few points on the threatened Netflix crackdown on geo-unblocking: Whether Netflix turns a blind eye to geo-unblockers is a matter for them to discuss with the content producers selling them the licenses for different regions. It is totally fine for Netflix to check whether its users are breaking the terms of their licenses and to decide whether to enforce those terms. Read More