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New Zealanders are super-connected. When restrictions lift in Auckland, it won’t take much to amplify Delta’s spread - COVID-19

Guest Author Oct 27, 2021

Dion O’Neale, University of Auckland; Emily Harvey, University of Auckland; James Gilmour, University of Auckland, and Steven Turnbull, University of Auckland   As Aotearoa New Zealand moves from elimination to suppression, we need to understand how this could change the nature of transmission from Auckland’s Delta outbreak to the rest of New Zealand. Aucklanders can expect a three-step easing … Read More

RIP Sciblogger John Nixon - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Apr 02, 2013

We received some sad news here at Sciblogs today – contributor John Nixon, an optical engineer and author of the Light My Fibre blog passed away on March 19, aged 71. John Nixon (right) dining with telecommunications analyst Paul Budde. John’s daughter Dominique Annonier wrote from her home in New Caledonia: I’m very sad to announce that my … Read More

The New Zealand Innovation Ecosystem Map - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Apr 14, 2011

Ten days ago we released a map of New Zealand’s largest inventor network using Google Earth to geo-locate the inventors in New Zealand. The map revealed some interesting connections between companies and public sector research organisations that at first sight may have seemed unrelated. It also showed that Kiwi inventors are collaborating across the country, with Auckland well connected … Read More

New Zealand’s largest inventor network: A glimpse of our innovation ecosystem - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Apr 04, 2011

We have been experimenting with ways to represent the inventor networks that we can extract from patent databases.  In this post, I will focus on New Zealand’s largest inventor network, as extracted from 30 years of European Patent Office (EPO) data.  The network gives us a glimpse of New Zealand’s innovation ecosystem. At the left is a … Read More

The story of the MacDiarmid Institute - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Jul 23, 2010

In my job as deputy director of the MacDiarmid Institute, I regularly get to recount the story behind our Institute to all sorts of visitors.  Last week I hosted a group of US scientists on Wednesday and a small Iranian science and technology delegation on Thursday.  On Thursday this week I had the opportunity to introduce some of the … Read More

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