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[Open] Science Sunday — 13.12.09 - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Dec 13, 2009

More Sunday sharing thanks to the people in the internet and Open Access … ASCILITE is over, but it left me with a lot of work to do because of the great sessions in the conference. You can get a lot of the information covered there thanks to Grainne Conole on Cloudworks. I also posted some [...] … Read More

Not just a pretty face: The facial ruff of barn owls and sound localisation - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Nov 19, 2009

Barn owls are the subject of many studies on auditory neuroscience because of their exquisite ability to localize sound. The auditory system is interesting from a neuronal computation point of view because the inner ear, where sounds are detected, relays no information to the brain as to the location of the sound source in space. [...] … Read More

Google, Waves and Fireflies - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Nov 06, 2009

I just learned through “The Complete Guide to GoogleWave” (HT @BoraZ) that Google Wave takes its name after the way that characters in the TV series Firefly/Serenity communicated with each other through ‘waves’. Which reminded me of the fireflies in Elkmont in the Smoky Mountains National Park. When I was a post-doc in the US, I [...] … Read More

How do birds sense the Earth’s magnetic field? - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Nov 03, 2009

If there is a physical property in the world that provides useful information, chances are that at least some animals will have evolved a sensory system to exploit it. The Earth’s magnetic field is no exception: it provides useful and reliable information to navigate the globe. There has been extensive research into whether and how [...] … Read More

Marsden 2009-I: An eye on the birds and the bees - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Oct 08, 2009

The projects funded by the Marsden Fund of the Royal Society are out, and there are many interesting neuroscience projects that were funded this year, which I will tell you about over the next few days. Here are the first three. Ben Thompson, from the University of Auckland will try to teach an old brain new [...] … Read More

On electric fish, molecules and behaviour - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Oct 01, 2009

If you are an electric fish swimming through the murky waters of South America or Africa, vision will not be of much use to navigate. To circumvent this problem electric fish evolved an ‘electric’ sense which they use for navigation and communication. These fish produce electrical discharges through specialized cells in their electric organs. Because [...] … Read More