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Graph of the Day: How home batteries might benefit houses without solar - The Dismal Science

William Taylor May 13, 2015

I’m pretty excited about the Tesla Powerwall, the home battery that was announced recently. People mostly think about home batteries as being important for solar.  For residential solar,  most of your generation is during the day when you aren’t home, so it gets sold back into the grid and therefore relies on the whatever the […] … Read More

Food: Getting lost in social constructivism - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Sep 14, 2014

After reading both the Stuff article and the initial article on Gareth Morgan’s blog and the follow up, I am convinced both Gareth and Geoff Simmons (GG) have inadvertently become extreme social constructivists – but may not realise it yet. Now I hate it when people just whip out rhetoric like “social constructivist” and don’t explain […] … Read More

Caution advised before using Tourism Industry Association numbers - The Dismal Science

Infometrics Sep 09, 2014

The Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA) has recently released an array of regionally-tailored media releases in conjunction with its Tourism 2014 Election Manifesto. Although we welcome healthy debate on economic issues in regional New Zealand, we are dubious of the methodology used to estimate regional tourism employment and advise extreme caution beforeutilising any of […] … Read More

Crowd funding, Trade Me and Network Externalities - The Dismal Science

William Taylor Aug 19, 2014

Very exciting news last week that New Zealand’s first two equity crowd funding platforms have been licensed. See PledgeMe’s (henceforth PM) blog announcement here and Snowball Effect’s (henceforth SE) FB announcement here and the FMA’s announcement here. Exactly what role crowd funded equity will play in NZ is going to be very interesting to watch: […] … Read More

More rhetoric on restricting the choice of the poor - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Jun 10, 2014

I see that leading Stuff today is an article on New Zealand’s “obesity epidemic”, and how we must changes some things because we are “killing ourselves”.  The policy suggestions are: In a report published today, the association calls for drastic cures for the bulge, including taxing or minimum prices for sugary drinks, restricting food advertising […] … Read More