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Thoughts About Taniwhas - Skepticon

Darcy Cowan Jun 14, 2011

This is probably a very ill considered post. I do feel compelled to write something on this subject however. Today in the NZ Herald Kepa Morgan has a piece relating why we should listen when Maori raise concerns regarding respect for the traditional dwelling places of Taniwha. I think he raises a very good point [...] … Read More

When is an experiment a 'bungled' experiment? - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin May 03, 2010

I wasn’t in the sharpest frame of mind on Saturday morning after a big night on the town in Auckland with some journalist friends the previous night. However I couldn’t help but notice the headline screaming out from the front page of the New Zealand Herald frontpage as I passed an inner-city dairy. The headline was in … Read More

Herald sucked in by bogus fuel technology? - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Apr 22, 2010

Aardvark’s Bruce Simpson and tech reporter Juha Saarinen have this morning raised some pretty valid concerns about a story the New Zealand Herald is carrying about a New Zealand-made fuel combustion technology known as “Fuel Star”. The story, which has no byline and comes with a “supplied” photo, begins with the optimistic intro: Fuelstar … Read More

Herald ditches environment section - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Apr 02, 2010

Just when the country is confronted with vexing environmental questions – whether to mine on conservation land, how to manage water assets in Canterbury, what should be done about the Japanese and their cravings for whale meat – the New Zealand Herald drops its dedicated environment page. The Herald‘s timing is impeccable. Impeccably bad. The rise of environment sections in … Read More

Saturday science coverage – two thumbs up for the Herald and the Listener - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Nov 21, 2009

Between the Weekend Herald and the latest issue of the New Zealand Listener which just arrived in my mailbox, there’s enough coverage to suggest there’s a dedicated group of journalists operating in the New Zealand media committed to decent reporting on the big science-related issues facing society. First, take Chris Barton’s piece on the issue of mobile phones … Read More