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A bigger splash - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Apr 26, 2013

The crawling baby is now undertaking a series of physics experiments. His favourite is the investigation of vibrational modes on biscuit tins and their coupling to longitudinal waves in the atmosphere. But he's also repeating Galileo's (supposed) famou... Read More

Turning moments - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Apr 16, 2013

 The last couple of weeks has seen a few changes in the house as Benji has finally mastered crawling. Being a rather LARGE baby, he's been the last of his coffee-group babies to become mobile, but now he's got it worked out he's away at high speed... Read More

It’s what the learner knows… - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 22, 2013

 On the door of her office, Alison Campbell has a sign that says "the biggest factor in learning is what the learner already knows". Or something like that. In other words, students build upon an existing foundation when they make sense of the world. This can be very helpful, or very unhelpful, depending on whether that foundation is … Read More

Is maths real? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 21, 2013

 A friend has just started a Bachelor of Arts degree here at Waikato. As part of her first year study, she's chosen to do a Philosophy paper. Apparently, one of the questions that has been posed, is "Is maths real?". Well, what is real? You certainly can't put 'maths' in a box and give it to someone. like you could with … Read More

The sneeze jet - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 07, 2013

Well, I'm back in at work after a lovely Christmas break. Lots of sunshine (we dodged the bad weather by going southwards for Christmas and then back north for New Year), beaches, playing with baby, and hacking back the jungle that sprung in the back g... Read More