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Need more grunt - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 26, 2012

When I came to New Zealand nearly nine years ago (it doesn't seem that long - a sure sign of aging) I had to learn some new words. Or rather, new meanings for existing words. Things like 'jug', 'dairy (as in the shop down the street), 'five-eighth' , '... Read More

How to cheat aging - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson May 04, 2012

It's 'Wellness Focus' week here, and there are all kinds of wonderful activities going on to promote health among the employees of the University of Waikato. I've just finished a REV class, which has finished me off for the whole afternoon, I think.  Yesterday, I had a free health check - where my blood pressure, cholesterol etc was measured, and … Read More

Torque equals rate of change of angular momentum - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 27, 2012

Another day, another New Zealand batting collapse.  But while Kane is still there, there's hope.Not what I wanted to blog about. Halogen lights. You know the ones, the little light bulbs that are all the fashion. You fit lots of them snuggly into your ceiling to provide a nice even illumination of the room without obtrusive cables and fittings hanging … Read More

Impossible angular momentum - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 24, 2012

Remember many, many years ago the urban myth that it had been scientifically proven that bumble-bees couldn't fly? Many people took that to mean that science was clearly bonkers, and good reason to ignore anything a scientist said. Unfortunate, when as a scientist you want to campaign on the fact that science is a useful and productive way of looking … Read More

Newton’s laws in action - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 08, 2012

For reasons best known to their little chicken-brains, Hyacinth and Brigitta (our chickens) have decided that their coop is no-longer the des-res that it once was and a far better location for a night in the wind and rain is on top of the garden shed. The problem is that neither (especially Brigitta) is particularly proficient at flying yet, so … Read More

Guilty of order-of-magnitude neglect - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Feb 23, 2012

I've often commented on the failure of students to apply common sense when calculating physical quantitites. For example, perhaps I ask them to calculate or estimate the pressure exerted by a car tyre on the road (with the car attached to the tyre) and they punch their figures into a calculator and get 10.4 pascals. (For those that aren't familiar … Read More

Hitting sixes - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Feb 16, 2012

Tuesday evening was a very enjoyable night spent at the NZ versus Zimbabwe Twenty20 cricket at Seddon Park in Hamilton.I got to watch the New Zealand fast bowlers serve up boundary-fodder for the aptly-named  Hamilton Masakadza and Brendan Taylor, who didn't disappoint, wafting Mills and Bates and co over the square-leg boundary with monotonous regularity.  The Black-Caps will certainly need … Read More

Free fall - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Feb 08, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I found this brief article in the newspaper about Vesna Vulovic, who perhaps holds the record for the longest non-fatal fall - a staggering 10 km after a midair explosion on a plane in 1972. I say 'perhaps' because the circumstances of the fall are disputed - it is possible that the plane, … Read More