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Earthquake science could have predicted North Korea’s nuclear climbdown - Guest Work

Guest Author May 15, 2018

Stephen Hicks, University of Southampton Just days after North Korea announced it was suspending its testing programme, scientists revealed that the country’s underground nuclear test site had partially collapsed. This assessment was based on data gathered from smaller earthquakes that followed North Korea’s biggest nuclear test in 2017. A new study published in … Read More

What is ballistic missile defence – and would it stop a missile from North Korea? - Guest Work

Guest Author Jul 07, 2017

James Dwyer, University of Tasmania North Korea’s test this week of an intercontinental ballistic missile has reignited interest and debate on the feasibility of ballistic missile defence systems, and whether countries such as Australia should seek to acquire them. But what are these systems, and how do they work? How effective would they be in providing a … Read More