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Sustained Resilience: the impact of nuclear war on New Zealand and how to mitigate catastrophe - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Apr 13, 2022

Dr Matt Boyd & Prof Nick Wilson* (Syndicated from the Adapt Research Blog) Efforts to prevent nuclear war should be greatly intensified – but we must also consider what happens if prevention fails. NZ is often cited as somewhere most likely to preserve a thriving society through a nuclear aftermath. However, our society is a complex adaptive system heavily … Read More

After a nuclear war, the world’s emergency food supply could be seafood — if overfishing stops now - Hot off the press

Guest Author Nov 13, 2020

Eric Galbraith, McGill University and Kim Scherrer, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona People in wealthy, industrialized countries are used to finding their supermarket shelves fully stocked. Yet for a brief period early in the COVID-19 pandemic, some of those shelves emptied out, as panic drove shoppers to stockpile and supply chains were interrupted. For many, this came as a reminder that … Read More