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When asses go to law - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Aug 16, 2010

In a bizarre twist to the tale of New Zealand’s climate sceptics and their strange obsession with the minutiae of the history of temperature measurement in New Zealand, it now emerges that they have lodged papers with the High Court [Stuff & NZ Herald, via NZPA], seeking to have the court rule that the National [...] … Read More

Farming’s future in NZ: adapt or decline - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Aug 14, 2010

How will our land-based primary industries manage the climate changes ahead? That’s the question addressed by chapter 3 in Climate Change Adaptation in New Zealand (pdf download here). The general impression given is that they won’t fare too badly provided appropriate adaptive measures are taken. The chapter, contributed by a team of nine, reports on [...] … Read More

Things to come: adapting to climate change in NZ - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Aug 05, 2010

When I first began to realise what a serious matter climate change was I found it difficult to get interested in adaptation. It sounded to me like acceptance of something that should be resisted. And I disliked the bland voices claiming that the effects of global warming would be easily adapted to if not positively [...] … Read More

No energy for change - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jul 28, 2010

Gerry Brownlee’s draft energy strategy for New Zealand is an interesting read, but not perhaps in the way the government intended. As Bryan discussed in his comment on the strategy, Brownlee puts mining and drilling up front and centre, and relegates environmental and carbon issues to a definite second place in government priorities. You might [...] … Read More

What science are we doing? - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Jul 26, 2010

What science are New Zealanders working on?  To help me answer this question, I have an intern from MIT here for her summer break.  Luckily for me, she hadn’t heard about Wellington’s winter.  (Not that our spring or summer are up to much either, although we can put on a decent autumn.) She is a very bright cookie, and she … Read More