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Carbon offsets from a permanent forest sink project – keep it real - Hot Topic

Mr February Jan 17, 2013

In which I guest-post as myself and describe a carbon forest sink project I am involved in and our debate about whether we should provide carbon offsets to anyone as part of the project. I originally wrote this for the Greens Frogblog Simon Johnson is a conservationist, tramper, accountant, former DOC worker and resource management […] … Read More

Tim Groser shuts the stable door after the Mickey Mouse carbon credits have bolted - Hot Topic

Mr February Nov 28, 2012

This week the Ministry for the Environment is consulting and seeking submissions on a proposal to ban some of the more ‘Mickey Mouse’ international carbon credits from the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. Apparently this is because Climate Change Minister Tim Groser “wants to maintain the integrity of the ETS” (New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme). […] … Read More

Will the last business lobbyist to leave please turn out the light at the end of the ETS tunnel - Hot Topic

Mr February Nov 10, 2012

In this post Simon Johnson aka Mr February channels his inner General Westmoreland and his Vietnam flashbacks to look at National’s latest change to the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS). Parliament has just (8 November) passed amendments that indefinitely defer any greenhouse gas obligations for agriculture and indefinitely discount obligations to industries.This is a […] … Read More

NZ ETS, you are the weakest (international) link - Hot Topic

Mr February Aug 14, 2012

Simon Johnson (Mr February) argues that the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS) is “the weakest link” due to its high exposure to the international carbon market. The strong “international linkage” is the other side of the coin of the uncapped design of the NZETS. Both features reinforce just how ineffective the NZETS is in [...] … Read More