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WOMAD passes the Crikey Creek test - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 18, 2010

I was enjoying the tunes at WOMAD last weekend, presided over by the Fuji-like volcano Mount Taranaki. When I heard Ojos be Brujo was going to be there, I was sold, but Calexico, The Skatalites and Babylon Circus pushed the gig beyond great. Several of the songs I heard not only rocked musically, but also hydrologically, winning … Read More

Water discovered on the moon - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Nov 15, 2009

Location of the LCROSS impact debris cloud, Cabeus Crater. Credit: NASA. If the Google homepage is anything to go by, excitement about space exploration was further reinvigourated by the discovery and measurement of water on the moon. The implications for a lunar base are profound, and hence for any new ’Apollo Project’ that gets us there. On October … Read More