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Antarctic Voyage: Ocean Acidification - Field Work

Guest Author Mar 06, 2013

Written by Elizabeth Shadwick (ACE CRC) Date:5/3/2013 Location: 62.803893°S, 147.03681°E Weather: Cloudy, 25-30 knots Sea state: 3-4 m swell Pink Errina fissurata attached to pebbles on the Ross Sea slope, Antarctica at 470 m depth. Other invertebrates visible in the image are a variety of sponges and the white spiky brittle star Ophiacantha pentactis. [ … Read More

Antarctic Voyage: The carbon team - Field Work

Guest Author Feb 14, 2013

By Elizabeth Shadwick (ACE CRC) and Helen Bostock (Marine Geologist, NIWA) Date: 12/02/2013 Location: 60.792084°S, 139.818669°E Weather: Windy 30-40 knots (55-75 km/hour) Sea State: 6 – 7 m swells Kate Berry running alkalinity samples. [Helen Bostock]We managed a couple of CTDs overnight and then a short steam to the next station. The weather has … Read More