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Beyond Zoom, Teams and video lectures — what do university students really want from online learning? - Hot off the press

Guest Author Sep 24, 2021

Dilani Gedera, Auckland University of Technology; Ashwini Datt, University of Auckland; Cheryl Brown, University of Canterbury; Dianne Forbes, University of Waikato, and Maggie Hartnett, Massey University   As any university student, lecturer or tutor can attest, the pandemic has turned learning and teaching upside down. So it’s important we understand what happens for students when their learning shifts online with … Read More

COOLs? Are they as cool as they sound? - BioBlog

Alison Campbell Sep 04, 2016

The National government is proposing a number of amendments to the NZ Education Act. One, which has already received quite a lot of press, sounds rather like a return to bulk funding under another name. But the latest one to hit the news is more like an untried social experiment with the potential for a lot of brown stuff to … Read More