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ID by fingerprints: not fact but opinion - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford May 29, 2012

Many people in New Zealand still seem unaware of the substantial shake-up going on in forensic science globally. Alot of it has come from the USA National Academy of Science’s review on forensic science. Some has come from the UK Law Commission’s review of forensic science practices. One of the many areas of interest is (read more) … Read More

Legal Aid costs and forensic science: the cost of justice? - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford May 04, 2012

NZ has spent NZ$1 billion dollars on Legal Aid in the last 12 years, since 2000.  So it is reported: The cost of justice: legal aid bill $1 billion . The five most expensive cases involved individuals found not guilty or whose cases were discharged. Based on my experience, it costs money to investigate a (read more) … Read More

ABC. Assume nothing. Believe nobody. Check everything. - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Apr 29, 2012

ABC. Assume nothing. Believe nobody. Check everything.  This is the mantra of British crime scene manager John Cockram.  That is a truly excellent mantra and pretty much covers all you need to know about forensic science.  His commentary on crime scene examination is fabulous reading in The Guardian’s The real CSI: what happens at a (read more) … Read More

International Justice Conference – lessons learned? Probably not yet but it’s a start - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Apr 09, 2012

I arrive in Perth in 40 degree heat with a fierce wind whipping across the Hertz car park and the promise that it’ll be 45 by Sunday. I’m well and truly heated through by the time I get to my tiny hire car. I have no idea what is ahead of me for the next (read more) … Read More

Do TED lectures need better vetting? - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Apr 02, 2012

OPINION: TED lectures are advertised as being for ‘ideas worth spreading’. A few of the local/regional TEDx offer what I would describe as at best questionable topics or speakers. Here I point at a few examples and offer some thoughts. TED lectures are rightfully famous for presenting engaging talks by people from many … Read More

Sexual assault prosecution: where’s the science fit in? - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Feb 19, 2012

The NZ Law Commission this week has opened consultation on Alternative Trial Processes including potential changes in the way sexual assault cases are prosecuted. In the introduction to the consultation paper it states: The limitations of the adversarial system in general are particularly profound in cases of sexual violence. The adversarial trial model is ill-suited (read more) … Read More

TOSP Episode 17: January 16th 2012 - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Jan 16, 2012

[Original post on the Sciblogs The Official Sciblogs Podcast site] Greetings, listeners! This week, aimee was away in Melbourne at the inagural AdaCamp barcamp.  So Elf brought in his good friend Haritina Mogosanu, who works with KiwiSpace and World Space Week, to co-host with him. They talked about the number of planets in our galaxy, [...] … Read More