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Congratulations Fellow Sciblings - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Feb 26, 2010

Congratulations to our fellow Sciblings who made it to the finals for the Research Blogging Awards 2010. Misc.ience (by Aimee Whitcroft) was nominated for best blog in Chemistry, Physics or Astronomy. The Atavism (by David Winter) was nominated for best lay-level blog. Congratulations to you both (and if I have failed in identifying a sciblogger, [...] … Read More

DNA, Peter Gill and the CSI Effect - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Feb 17, 2010

I’ve been preaching for some time now about the problems that programs like CSI cause regarding the general perception of the capabilities of forensic science – and look, here is one of the world’s foremost DNA scientists and pioneers of DNA in forensics saying exactly the same thing, specifically about DNA: CSI no relevance to real [...] … Read More

Forensic science: validation and incompetence - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford Feb 12, 2010

U.S. academics at UCLA are being granted funds to consider error rates in latent fingerprint evidence.  Some would ask whether or not this sort of exercise should have been completed loooong ago.  As with any other area of applied science, regular review should be undertaken.  Unfortunately, this is not something that necessarily occurs in forensic [...] … Read More

Open [Education] Sunday — 07.02.10 - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Feb 07, 2010

One of the miniconferences I attended while at Linux.conf.au 2010 was on education. There I heard a presentation by Mark Osborne, the Deputy Principal from Albany Senior High School. This is the first large scale open source school, and the news have not gone unnoticed (see here and here, for example). There are several advantages [...] … Read More

Second Life and the future of education - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Dec 07, 2009

The 2009 conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (#ASCILITE09) is currently taking place in Auckland New Zealand. Scott Diener, from the University of Auckland IT services delivered a great Keynote address centered around Second Life. A guided tour through the long white cloud island Diener took us through a tour of the [...] … Read More

[Open] Science Sunday — 6.12.09 - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Dec 06, 2009

These are some of the fun (and more serious) stuff I found around the magic world of the internet and Open Access. I give my favourite tweet this week to @MsBehaviour (again) for pointing her tweeps to the Manchester Manifesto. Her tweet links to a great post on the University of Manchester that summarises the issues [...] … Read More

The road to science funding (is full of speed bumps) - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Dec 01, 2009

At any given point in time there is a boundary between that which is known and that which is unknown and, precisely, the role of science is to grab pieces of that ignorance, study it, transform it into knowledge and, in doing so, broaden the human landscape.” Marcelino Cereijido [1] New Zealand science is facing a [...] … Read More