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ORCID explained – The new, unique identifier for researchers - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Oct 17, 2016

Last week saw the launch of the ORCID Consortium which sees 34 New Zealand research institutions back use of a unique identifier for researchers that promises to make keeping track of individuals’ work and evaluation of the research system more effective. ORCID’s New Zealand debut has been funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the … Read More

Here's my number, so call me maybe? - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Oct 22, 2012

Researchers can give their number[1] and maybe that glamorous research journal or laboratory will call them sometime, maybe. ORCIDs are the thing, here. Open Researcher Contributor IDs.[2] Researchers can tag themselves with a number and use this to identify themselves and their work. You can also use the directories to find others with shared interests. A … Read More