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Macro data and are we doing better? - The Dismal Science

Shamubeel Eaqub Nov 27, 2013

Statistics New Zealand launched their social indicators on 26 November 2013. It is a collection of data from the General Social Survey, which supplements various ‘hard’ economic data with ‘softer’ measures of perceptions. I was part of a panel that spoke briefly at the launch. Donal at Economics New Zealand has written about it already. The question […] … Read More

A bunch of interesting links - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Nov 25, 2013

All links via Marginal Revolution – all things I want to comment on, but do not have the time.  View this as a sort of saving space! A site focused on ‘fixing up undergrad economics‘.  This essay was worth reading.  However, looking at their target I am not sure it is undergrad they are necessarily […] … Read More

Value and Doctor Who - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Nov 25, 2013

Today is Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.  Seeing that I wanted to do an “economics of Dr Who” post … but how do I do that?  All the Time Lords are dead, and the other people involved are either human or weird aliens that are in conflict in some way.  There isn’t really much of an […] … Read More

Inequality is natural - The Dismal Science

Shamubeel Eaqub Oct 18, 2013

The moot in a debate organised and run by VILP (Victoria International Leadership Programme) students on 15 October 2013 was: “Is inequality natural?” I was on the affirmative team with Harry Berger and Even Bain, two smart and articulate Victoria students. We won the debate 49-43. Once you adjust for the home ground advantage to […] … Read More

Excitement over broken windows - The Dismal Science

Shamubeel Eaqub Sep 03, 2013

Oliver Hartwich of the NZ Initiative revisits the broken window fallacy: “Natural disasters and wars never generate prosperity. They always destroy it, by definition.” He is absolutely right. It’s good to see this revisited. Even though the “seen benefits, unseen costs” principle was articulated by Bastiat in an 1850 essay. Wikipedia article on the broken […] … Read More

New TVHE author: Introducing Shamubeel Eaqub - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Aug 14, 2013

I see that Offsetting Behaviour has already beaten me to it, but in case you haven’t seen it I’d like to warmly introduce Shamubeel Eaqub as a new TVHE contributor.  He is joining Agnitio, Goonix, James, and Myself as “potentially regular writers” – which implies having the ability to just write something on here whenever […] … Read More

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