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Money (that’s what I want) - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Oct 12, 2010

I participated a few days ago in a Friends of the Earth urgent email action concerning US stances on the proposed Global Climate Fund through which developed countries will give financial assistance to developing countries in tackling the impacts of climate change. Friends of the Earth were alarmed by the US push for the management [...] … Read More

Tropical ice land: climate change hits Peruvians - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Sep 23, 2010

“It may not be strictly scientific, but anthropological observation like this is invaluable because in the end, people’s interpretation of the events they see around them count as much as or more than any peer-reviewed paper.” Guardian journalist John  Vidal has been with other writers on an Oxfam-guided tour of Peru and Ecuador  to see [...] … Read More

Conference in Bolivia: who pays the price of change? - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Apr 21, 2010

“We are very worried because we have no water. Half the people of this community have already left. Those who remain are struggling with the lack of water.” Those are the words of a villager in a small Bolivian village called Khapi which is suffering from the effects of retreating glaciers in the Andes.  A [...] … Read More

Behind the scenes in Copenhagen: historic COP out - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Dec 19, 2009

Oxfam NZ’s executive director Barry Coates provides perspective on the final day of negotiations in Copenhagen. With the dust still to settle, his analysis is about as thorough as you’re likely to find. The full set of Barry’s updates are posted at Oxfam’s web site and also at Pacific Scoop. Day 12 – Friday 18th [...] … Read More

Behind the scenes in Copenhagen: 2 - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Dec 16, 2009

As the Copenhagen conference moves into its final phase, heads of state turning up and negotiations seemingly stalled, Oxfam NZ’s executive director Barry Coates provides another insight into what’s going on behind the scenes. Barry’s daily updates are posted at Oxfam’s web site and also at Pacific Scoop. December 15 – Copenhagen: Looking for a breakthrough Building [...] … Read More

Bolivia: the necessity of adaptation - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Nov 06, 2009

Oxfam’s messages on the battering effects of climate change on poorer countries continue with the publication this week of their report Bolivia: Climate Change, Poverty and Adaptation.  Poverty and injustice in many countries of the world is what Oxfam works on, and this focus has inevitably led to concern about what climate change is adding to [...] … Read More

4500 ways in 174 countries to send a 350 message - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Oct 23, 2009

350.org’s planetary day of action is well under way, with schools actions happening all over New Zealand — that’s Remuera Intermediate above, taking their jumpers off for climate action. Tomorrow’s the big day, with over 130 350 Aotearoa actions scheduled all round the country. You can find one near you at 350.org.nz. Lend a hand. [...] … Read More