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Citizen oversight of water abolished in Canterbury - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 30, 2010

In what was described by opposition MPs as a bloodless coup, Environment Canterbury’s democratically elected councillors will be replaced by a set of central government-installed commissioners. Cantabrians won’t have a democratic say in their regional body until 2013. Also removed is the Environment Court as a means to appeal consent decisions. The commissioners will be led by Dame Margaret … Read More

Bubble-shaped, water-filtering skyscraper - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 12, 2010

French firm Design Crew for Architecture has designed a novel water purifying tower. It consists of a series of large spheres attached to pillars. Brackish water is pumped up the tower, taken up by mangroves growing in the spheres, and transpired. Purified condensation is then collected for drinking or irrigation. Mangroves are chosen because of their tolerance of … Read More