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Anti-paleo diet attacks miss the point - Guest Work

Guest Author Aug 09, 2016

Guest post by Grant Schofield, Professor of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology and Director of the Human Potential Centre. Another week, another warning that the paleo diet is not really where its at, especially for diabetes. The paleo diet – the idea that we should be guided in human nutrition/public health nutrition by evolutionary history is steeped with controversy. Health experts and authorities are seemingly going well out … Read More

The Paleo diet and diabetes: evidence lacking - Unsorted

John Kerr Aug 08, 2016

An Australian researcher has spoken out against a growing number of claims that the Paleo diet – consisting largely of low-carbohydrate food – can help to manage or even reverse diabetes. Writing in the Medical Journal of Australia, Associate Professor Sof Andrikopoulos from the University of Melbourne says despite dozens of websites urging people with diabetes to go … Read More