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New Zealand Palynology: Into the West - Journeys to the ice

Matthew Wood Nov 10, 2010

The land is fickle. Uplift and denudation can make paleoclimate science on land difficult in some cases and impossible in others. Oh, to think of all the beautiful terrestrial climate records that have been lost to the sands (or silts or clays) of time! Much more reliable is the ocean, where change is measured not in years or … Read More

New Zealand Palynology: Look to the East - Journeys to the ice

Matthew Wood Nov 02, 2010

When you take a sample of sediment from the seafloor and remove all the carbonate and silica — nearly the whole sample in most cases — what are you left with? Palynomorphs are organic microfossils that include the pollen and spores of terrestrial plants, the cellulose remains of marine phytoplankton called dinoflagellates, … Read More

Cunning radiocarbon and dating volcanic eruptions - Forensic Scientist

Anna Sandiford May 19, 2010

It is excellent to see a new AMS radiocarbon dating set-up in New Zealand (NZ scientists fire up $3.4 million mass spectrometer).  When I was working on climate reconstruction I was hugely reliant on the previous 14C (radiocarbon) device to help put Before Present (BP) ages on volcanic ash layers (tephra) that occurred in sections [...] … Read More