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Kids as curators of creativity - Ice Doctor

Victoria Metcalf Apr 25, 2016

Children have a wealth of information to teach us if we pause to observe their simple rituals as collectors and curators. They’d been playing happily on the wharf, my daughter and a new same-age friend she’d met just minutes before in the restaurant where we’d just eaten lunch. They’d cemented their bonding whilst peering down the hole around a wharf pile in the … Read More

Frozen Friday Fab Four #2 - Ice Doctor

Victoria Metcalf Apr 08, 2014

Four of the Antarctic or anything else headlines/social media bits that have grabbed my attention this week. A double fracture in my daughter’s wrist followed by two mystery allergic reactions and a stomach bug for all means it’s a little past Friday, but we’ll just have to roll with it and temporarily suspend belief. Don’t do that with the science … Read More

The Vote & Parenting – oversimplifying a complex issue - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Jun 22, 2013

The Vote is a monthly debate programme which shows on TV3 in New Zealand. This week the title of the debate was “Our Kids: The Problems not Poverty, It’s Parenting.” The moment I read this title I was wary. Arguing the affirmative – that issues of child neglect and abuse in New Zealand stem from poor parenting and not poverty … Read More