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Good deal or bad? Emotional turmoil as Paris climate talks draw to a close - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 12, 2015

Clive Hamilton How should we react to the likely outcome of the Paris climate conference? Unless something dramatic happens overnight it is very likely that the news media on Sunday morning will hail the Paris agreement as a breakthrough and a big victory for those pushing for strong action on carbon emissions. Yet on Friday we heard from … Read More

Climate and the rise and fall of civilisations: a lesson from the past - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 11, 2015

Andrew Glikson, Australian National University 2015 will likely be the hottest year on record, beating the previous record set only in 2014. It is also likely to be the first year the global average temperature reaches 1℃ above pre-industrial temperatures (measured from 1880 – 1899). Global warming is raising temperatures, and this year’s El Niño … Read More

The ethics of climate change: what we owe people – and the rest of the planet - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 11, 2015

William Lynn, Clark University Ethics is a particularly relevant, if under-reported, topic of conversation at the United Nations conference on climate change in Paris. While technical disputes grab the lion’s share of attention, we should not forget the moral reasons we must address global warming – because of the substantial harm it does and will do to the … Read More

Positive Paris talks not like cynical Copenhagen – but how will media cope? - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 10, 2015

James Painter, University of Oxford It has become a mantra here that Paris 2015 is not Copenhagen 2009. This time, the US and China are on board; the price of renewables has dropped by more than half; the vast majority of countries here have already pledged emission cuts and Paris is seen as a “staging post” not … Read More

Five things climate scientists actually disagree about - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 10, 2015

John Shepherd, University of Southampton With the Paris climate conference taking place, we should be prepared for dissenters to pull out a few hoary old chestnuts to try to undermine the process. “Climate science isn’t settled” is a particular favourite, still repeated by various Republican presidential candidates as an excuse for inaction on global warming. Read More

How 1.5 became the most important number at the Paris climate talks - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 10, 2015

Kate Dooley, University of Melbourne and Doreen Stabinsky, College of the Atlantic One of the final obstacles in the way of a binding agreement at the Paris climate talks comes down to a simple number: 1.5. Limiting warming to a 1.5℃ temperature rise above pre-industrial levels is one of three potential targets on the … Read More

Scientists tend to superspecialise – but there are ways they can change - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 09, 2015

Thomas Bateman, University of Virginia Crossing disciplinary boundaries is unusual – and crucially important. In 1998, groundbreaking thinker and eminent biologist EO Wilson cautioned against scientific overspecialization, warning that thought silos “…must be torn down in order for humanity to progress.” Sociobiologist Rebecca Costa argued in 2010 that “the more fortified and numerous silos become, the further … Read More

To save the environment, leave the ‘collapse porn’ under the mattress - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 09, 2015

Ted Lefroy, University of Tasmania Collapse porn. Apocalyptica. Eco-rapture. These are labels UK science journalist Leigh Phillips has given to a growing genre of environmental writing. Prominent among them are Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate (2014), James Kunstler’s The Long Emergency (2005), Paul Kingsnorth’s Uncivilization (2009), John Zerzan Against Civilization … Read More

1.5 to stay alive: big issues for small countries as Paris climate talks get down to nitty gritty - Hot Topic

Cindy Baxter Dec 09, 2015

I’ve been in Paris for over a week now, and the speed at which everything goes past, including time, is frightening.   I think the 40,000 expected have now all arrived.  I’m getting worried the only Eiffel Tower I’ll see is the one made of red folding chairs at the end of the “Champs Elysee” at the meeting. We began last … Read More

Funding climate action: Sarah Thomson’s judicial review of NZ climate policy - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Dec 09, 2015

Sarah Thomson, the Waikato law student who made news last month when she announced her intention to sue the New Zealand government for its weak climate targets, has launched a crowd-funding campaign to help cover the costs of a judicial review. The Give A Little campaign, created by former Hamilton City councillor Daphne Bell, launched today. At … Read More