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Bland by design - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Jul 11, 2013

I could grok changed building rules in Christchurch post-quake. Earthquake and liquifaction changed what we might want from foundations. But the percentage of building frontage that must be in windows, no matter what? That car parking be hidden? For example, the rules requiring buildings facing a road or public space to be between 60 and 90 per cent windows … Read More

Increasing consumer surplus through price increases - The Dismal Science

Seamus Hogan May 07, 2013

As I noted last year, the University of Canterbury administration has this year increased the price of an annual parking permit threefold from (roughly) $100 to $300. This raises the price from what was a subsidised rate to something they calculate as being approximately marginal cost. Needless to say, this is something that the Economics department … Read More