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Academic profiling – unwise, unfair, unethical, but common? - Politecol

- Wayne Linklater Oct 29, 2013

University rankings can be useful. They can also be used inappropriately to discriminate inaccurately and unjustly. Dr. Mark Hauser at Harvard University – consistently amongst the world’s highest ranked universities – was found guilty of scientific miscounduct, fraudulent science in 2012 – an example of why the university a person is employed at is a poor metric of … Read More

Its great to be Number 1, but… - Politecol

- Wayne Linklater May 02, 2013

I’d reply, ‘Awesome!’, ‘Wonderful’, ‘Pretty damn good’, ‘Deserved’, but no one has asked. I understand why no one asks. Gloating is seldom encouraged. But that is how it feels to be Director of New Zealand’s highest ranked university centre for applied ecology … … in the leading Ecology, Behaviour & Evolution research group… … at the … Read More

PBRF – I got a C! - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Apr 12, 2013

On Tuesday most staff at my institution will have received their PBRF score. We are advised, as per PBRF instructions, that the information regarding our personal score is confidential and that we have absolute control over that information. Also we have been told that there is no requirement or expectation that we discuss it with our managers, and that it … Read More

Spin Doctors go to work on PBRF - Kidney Punch

John Pickering Apr 12, 2013

University of Taihape:  Doctor Doctor I’ve got a 1.7 on my PBRF Doctor Spin: Never mind son, your Gumbootlogy results make you the healthiest tertiary education provider in the country.  Let’s talk about that, shall we? Scoop.co.nz has all the spin from the universities and polytechnics this morning as they try and give the impression … Continue reading » … Read More

Big Science - The Scientist NZ

Aaron Small Aug 19, 2009

There was an excellent article in the Listener last month about the role of science and technology companies growing the NZ economy. It features a number of comments from my employers at Endeavour Capital, and their portfolio companies, Veritide (who m... Read More

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