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The tech sector… and ongoing economic underperformance - The Dismal Science

Michael Reddell Oct 19, 2017

The 13th annual TIN (“Technology Investment Network”) report was released a couple of days ago.  I’ve largely managed to ignore the previous twelve –  breathless hype and all –  but for some reason I got interested yesterday, and started digging around in the material that was accessible to the public (despite lots of taxpayer subsidies the full report is … Read More

Twins and genetic performance - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Feb 26, 2016

Identical twins have school test scores that are more closely correlated than scores from fraternal twins. de Zeeuw et al look at data from the Netherlands Twin Register. Even children attending the same primary school and taught by the same teacher differ greatly in their performance. In the Netherlands, performance at the end of primary school determines the enrollment … Read More