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The next pharmaceutical revolution could be 3D bioprinted - Guest Work

Guest Author Jul 26, 2017

Aurelien Forget, Queensland University of Technology and Tim Dargaville, Queensland University of Technology Body organs such as kidneys, livers and hearts are incredibly complex tissues. Each is made up of many different cell types, plus other components that give the organs their structure and allow them to function as we need them to. For 3D printed … Read More

Another advantage of legal medical marijuana - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Sep 08, 2016

Another post at the ProMarket blog highlights the cost advantages of medical marijuana, at least in the institutional framework for healthcare currently in use in the US. A new working paper by University of Georgia researchers shows that medical marijuana leads to sharp drops in the number of prescriptions for branded drugs.The paper estimates savings of … Read More

New Approach to Research by Pharmaceutical Company - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Dec 05, 2010

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer has recently revealed that it forming a network of academic collaborators in order to expedite the process of turning basic science research into biologic based drugs. One of its collaborators is the University of California, San Francisco, which will receive up to $85 million (US) during the five year partnership. Pfizer will open labs near the UCSF … Read More