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Dr. Jill Biden and the Doctoral Title Controversy - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 15, 2020

Anaise Irvine The internet usually doesn’t pay too much attention to doctoral degrees and the people who hold them. Oh sure, we have our own corners of the web, but seldom does mainstream social media erupt with discussions about academic issues. This past weekend, that all changed. The Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece* by a Mr. Joseph Epstein … Read More

1 in 5 Australian PhD students could drop out. Here are some tips for how to keep going - Guest Work

Guest Author Jul 15, 2020

Craig Batty, University of Technology Sydney; Alison Owens, Australian Catholic University; Donna Lee Brien, CQUniversity Australia, and Elizabeth Ellison, CQUniversity Australia Doctoral students show high levels of stress in comparison to other students, and ongoing uncertainty in terms of graduate career outcomes can make matters worse. Before the pandemic, one in five research students were expected to disengage … Read More

Female/male pay gaps in STEM subjects - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker May 21, 2016

New research suggests that women earn, on average, around 31% less that men in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) subjects within a year of completing a PhD. An obvious question is why. Perhaps surprisingly the answer to this questions can be reduced to just two factors: 1) field of study and 2) kids. But after controlling for differences in … Read More

Life as PhD student - Just So Science

Elf Eldridge Jul 08, 2012

As PhD students, we often don’t do a great job communicating a lot of things: our science, what supervision we want, what our dreams for our field and research are, or how we feel about our job prospects. After playing Pounamu at the Transit of Venus forum, another failure of communication came to my attention: the failure to … Read More

Career Anchors – some clues to a satisfying career? - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Apr 19, 2012

Five years ago I did a course in leadership and learning at the University of Canterbury, as part of their Graduate Diploma in Management. The course included completing a range of different psychological tests to help assess our different strengths, weaknesses and preferences. One such assessment was the Careers Anchor Self-Assessment, which attempts to identify “your unique combination of … Read More

TOSP Episode 16: January 9th 2012 - The Sciblogs Podcast

Aimee Whitcroft Jan 09, 2012

Happy New Year! May 2012 be a wonderful year to you all. To start off the new year, aimee and Elf discuss last week’s announcement of the successful build of a temporal cloak, thorium’s potential as an alternative nuclear energy source and zombie bees! Also, we talk to fellow Sciblogger, … Read More

“Just So Science” – The Ways of the Wind - Just So Science

Elf Eldridge Apr 29, 2011

As I was lucky enough to attend the Science and Innovation in Education Forum last week I thought I might report back on the sorts of things that were said and my own particular take on them. Ostensibly the forum was set up to discuss: The role of STEM education in generating innovation. What employers want … Read More

Careers in science - Guest Work

Guest Author Nov 23, 2010

Lesley Middleton, Chief Executive of the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology At the recent and very successful Running Hot conference at Te Papa, I gave a presentation at a symposium for new and emerging scientists, in which I talked about career paths. One diagram in particular sparked a lot of discussion. Read More

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