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Refugee crisis: the immediate and lasting impacts of powerful images - Guest Work

Guest Author Jun 23, 2018

Emma Thomas, Flinders University; Craig McGarty, Western Sydney University, and Laura G. E. Smith, University of Bath This article is about the power of emotive images to create social and political change. However, we have chosen not to display distressing images, including those of Aylan Kurdi, for ethical reasons. Recent images and footage … Read More

The best places to read - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Sep 19, 2010

Most scientists are bibliophiles. Count me in. During my Ph.D. studies in England  I occasionally read in a small college library, astronomers’ globes at one end, surrounded by solid wooden shelves and leather-bound books. It was a treat to read in a place like that. I was reminded of this by finding this old … Read More