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The Plan B implosion – what Brazil teaches us about the herd immunity hogwash - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Jan 18, 2021

As families around the world mourn more than two million people dead from Covid-19, the Plan B academics and their PR industry collaborator continue to argue that the New Zealand government should stop focusing on our managed isolation and quarantine system and instead protect the elderly so that they can reopen the border and allow everyone else to get on … Read More

Christmas without lockdowns, despite contrary views - Lately, In Science

Sarah-Jane O'Connor Dec 24, 2020

Heading into Christmas in Aotearoa this year feels like living in a parallel universe. Tomorrow Kiwis will celebrate Christmas without thinking much about COVID-19, if at all. No tallying how many people are allowed to dinner, worrying about getting granny sick, or having immunocompromised loved ones stuck home alone. At last count, there are 49 cases of COVID-19 in … Read More

They say, ‘learn to live with Covid-19’. Here’s what I say back - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Aug 18, 2020

Around the world, different countries are taking different approaches to dealing with the global pandemic. Here in Aotearoa, our government listened to the advice of the overwhelming majority of its medical experts and scientists and settled on an elimination strategy, which we’ll call Plan A. But a vocal minority has been calling for us to take a … Read More