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Why apartment dwellers need indoor plants - Guest Work

Guest Author Jul 25, 2017

Danica-Lea Larcombe, Edith Cowan University The number of Australians living in high-rise apartments doubled between 1991 and 2011 and that trend has continued since then. The quarter-acre dream is fast disappearing and larger blocks and family gardens along with it. As more people move from country areas to the city and as land to build homes near … Read More

Simon Chan 1974 – 2012: Contagious passion for science - Guest Work

Guest Author Aug 28, 2012

Simon Chan, a New Zealand-born scientist who went on to achieve great success in plant science in the US has died after developing complications while awaiting a liver transplant. Bart Janssen, Sciblogs reader and plant molecular and developmental biologist working at Plant and Food Research contributed the following tribute. One of the joys of being a scientist is occasionally … Read More