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Past claims about new planets were wrong – why ‘Planet Nine’ may be different - Guest Work

Guest Author Jan 26, 2016

Andrew Coates, UCL There’s a real buzz among planetary scientists after a new study suggested that an unseen planet, dubbed ‘Planet Nine’, of about ten times the Earth’s mass could be lurking in the Kuiper belt, a band of icy objects beyond Neptune. The latest theory was put forward after scientists noticed that six objects in … Read More

Somewhere out there could be a giant new planet in our solar system: so where is it? - Guest Work

Guest Author Jan 22, 2016

Tanya Hill, Museum Victoria and Jonti Horner, University of Southern Queensland There’s plenty of excitement at the announcement overnight that a new planet is potentially waiting to be found at the extremes of our solar system. The possible ninth planet is thought to be quite substantial with a mass around ten times that of Earth … Read More

What would you ask a scientist?! - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Aug 27, 2015

In preparation for Queenstown Research Week, Auckland University’s Prof Peter Shepherd asked primary school kids what questions they would ask a scientist. One class at Shotover Primary School sent us this list: Edit: A group of 10-11 year olds from Wakatipu High have added to the list (Q29-48) How does the sky stay up? How does … Read More