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Annals of improbable statistics: public choice edition - The Dismal Science

James Zuccollo Nov 18, 2012

A bit late, but this case study is too good to pass up! The local Wellington newspaper reported that: Wellington City Council’s strategy and policy committee this morning agreed to a joint plan by Positively Wellington Tourism, Grow Wellington and the council to implement the council’s new ”Destination Wellington” programme. … The proposal agreed to [...] … Read More

Free food in schools: Equality of opportunity? - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Sep 10, 2012

Recently the Labour party has suggested we have free food in low decile New Zealand schools.  At the same time, Kiwiblog suggested that this was nonsensical. So how do we should we view this policy? Generally, having the government buy something and give then give it out is relatively inefficient – we get no clear [...] … Read More