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Probability madness - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson May 10, 2016

Probability crops up in many places in physics, not least quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics where we are only sure of things in an average or ‘statistical’ sense. Dealing with probabilities can be a headache for many students. They are also a headache for many in everyday life. There are numerous occasions where we need to estimate the likelihood of … Read More

Randomness and Clustering: Is the Number of Twins in Timaru a Mystery? - Skepticon

Darcy Cowan Aug 04, 2010

If you saw 3 News last night you might have caught the story about the bumper crop of twins born this year. The prologue to the story gave the impression of a mystery with words to the effect of  “Experts are at a loss to explain it”, I personally think this was a sloppy attempt [...] … Read More