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Should we bother trying to get consumers closer to farmers? - Stick

Peter Kerr Oct 03, 2012

This post can also be seen at www.pastureharmonies.org It is often said that farmers need to get closer to consumers. And while it is possible, and some marketers have set up the facility to, for a bar code (or QR … Continue reading → … Read More

ATI Establishment Board role far bigger than most people realise - Stick

Peter Kerr Sep 27, 2012

For something that has the extremely important job of kicking along (on an NZ Inc basis) the never simple endeavour of turning of an idea into income, the Advanced Technology Institute’s Establishment Board has so far operated very below the … Continue reading → … Read More

If we think beyond the actuality of how we produce…. - Stick

Peter Kerr Sep 25, 2012

(This post can also be seen at www.pastureharmonies.org) Science has served New Zealand agriculture extremely well. It should and needs to do so in the future. It is also that pragmatic rationale approach that has delivered and developed a wonderfully … Continue reading → … Read More

We’re the only protein production system that can say VISIT - Stick

Peter Kerr Sep 11, 2012

(This blog post also appears at www.pastureharmonies.org) Forget the science, briefly, about our agriculture, even though that’s the wonderful legacy that has got us to where we are today. Forget the rational. Forget the food safety, the genetics of plants … Continue reading → … Read More

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